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Austin Habitat for Humanity - By Eddie Rodriguez

Capstone Charity Highlight Capstone Title's Eddie Rodriguez explains why Capstone Title supports Austin Habitat for Humanity.

I have been involved with Austin Habitat for Humanity since the late 1990’s. My support for Habitat stems from my heart-felt belief that everyone deserves a roof over their head and an opportunity to make the most of their life and the life of their family.

As most of us know, our City is becoming increasingly unaffordable for many Austinites. Austin Habitat for Humanity is dedicated to ending the cycle of poverty with a strongly held belief that everyone deserves a decent, affordable place to live. I am proud that Capstone Title actively supports this mission.

Over the years, Capstone Title has proudly sponsored Habitat builds where members of the Capstone Team volunteered to build, paint and landscape several Austin Habitat Homes. These volunteer opportunities are not only for team building but also a way for Capstone to give back to our Austin Community.

Please consider supporting Austin Habitat for Humanity today.
Austin Habitat for Humanity Donation Page