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Drop the Mic Operational Management: 10 Operational Management Tips

By: Capstone Title Director of Operations/Examination Colby Bodoin - 10/4/18

October 4 Capstone Blog As the Director of Operations and Examination at Capstone, there are a few tips I’ve learned over the years to help our team be successful and efficient. Our success begins at the heart of our team and living out Capstone values every day. Below are 10 tips I’ve used to in addition to our values to continue growth and smooth operational transitions.

1. Focus on the why
Employees will be more invested in helping the company succeed if being prolific in their job role also helps them reach their personal goals. Maybe it’s taking their kids to Disneyland, buying their first home, or going on an African safari, whatever it is find out what motivates your employees and work together to reach the companies goals and the employees goals at the same time.

2. Numbers don’t lie
Managing by the numbers removes management variables and provides clear goals. Managers and employees will both know exactly what measures success or failure. If you want your employees to win the race don’t micromanage them into running faster but rather give them something to run towards. Give everyone in your organization a number to chase and reward them when they win!

3. Recruit the right players
Once you have an efficient and streamline operational model in place, find people that fit your companies job roles instead of modifying your job roles to fit your candidates. As your team’s coach it can sometimes be difficult to pass on the all-star player, but it is often better to internally develop the right role players that fit your system perfectly! Find people that fit your system and empower them to succeed within it.

4. Know when to hold’em and know when to fold’em
Let’s face it, if you want to grow your business you are going to have to take risks at some point. But is the timing right? It is far better to take a large leap as a company when your “chip count” is high. If your company has a string of profitable quarters then go all-in but if you are a little short on chips don’t be afraid to walk away from the table and revisit your options later.

5. Don’t jump without a parachute
I get it, every opportunity seems like gold but things are not always as they seem. Don’t get stuck chasing after fool’s gold. Remember, numbers don’t lie and they are here to keep you grounded so listen to what they are telling you. Try not to get caught up in a sales pitch or the emotions of the moment. Always analyze the numbers so you can make informed decisions and aren’t left with buyer’s remorse!

6. Make a damn decision
Sometimes leaders can get stuck in the mud with all the meetings, day- to-day problems, and endless sea of challenges. You get to a point sometimes where you feel like you and your company are running in a hamster wheel. Rise above the clutter, focus on action items, and just make a damn decision!

7. Stop the bleeding
You finally made a decision but you have come realized it was a terrible mistake. What do you we next? Go back to the drawing board? Get creative? Stay the course? Fund the losses? Sometimes we just have to swallow our pride and admit it’s not working. For your companies sake stop the bleeding and move on. If you made the wrong call don’t make another mistake, act quickly and set sail for smoother seas!

8. See the bigger picture
Often your employees will provide suggestions, critiques, and/or criticisms of your operational processes. It is important to hear them out and consider their suggestions but realize that their job is to focus on their role and it is your job to create an efficient operational model that works best for the entire organization. So get your Bob Ross on and see the bigger picture! In the end, your team will respect you for it.

9. Don’t buy the hype
Bell bottoms, lava lamps, Gangnam style, Pokemon Go, we have seen these fads come and go but yet many operational managers fall into the same trap. Recent business fads that are already on their way out: box subscriptions, hot-desking, open office concepts, crazy business titles, I could go on for days. My point is the boring fundamentals of business that have stood the test of time business are still around for a reason. Don’t fall for the shiny new toy, getting back to the basics is a trend that will never die!

10. Be a leader not a boss
A leader is at the front of the pack and leads by example while a boss stays on the sidelines and lets others do the work. A boss comes across as vague and confusing while a leader softens the blow but instructs in a direct manner. A leader takes care of their team and makes sure they are on a steady and healthy course at all times. Leaders always growing and learning while bosses think they have it all figured out. What got you here won’t get you there, be a leader not a boss!